UPS Backup Power (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Eaton‘s comprehensive range of Powerware UPS solutions have been protecting mission-critical operations since the days when a mainframe needed its own room.

Powerware solutions include UPSs ranging from 300 VA to more than 4,000 kVA as well as DC Power Systems to suit any application.

  • PC, Workstation & Home UPS

    pdf-icon-1[E Series NV (800VA)] PC, Workstation & Home UPS

  • Network & Server UPS

    pdf-icon-1[5115 (750-1400VA)] Powerware 5115

    pdf-icon-1[5130 (1250-3000VA)] Powerware 5130

    pdf-icon-1[9130 (1000-6000VA)] Powerware 9130

    pdf-icon-1[9135 (6000VA)] Powerware 9135

  • Data Center & Facility UPS

    pdf-icon-1[Blade UPS (Rack Mount)] High Efficiency UPS for Data Centres

    pdf-icon-1[9155 (8-15kVA)] Powerware 9155

    pdf-icon-1[9155 (20-30kVA)] Powerware 9155

    pdf-icon-1[9355 (8-15kVA)] Powerware 9355

    pdf-icon-1[9355 (20-30kVA)] Powerware 9355

    pdf-icon-1[9390 (40-160kVA)] Powerware 9390

    pdf-icon-1[9395 (225-1100kVA)] Powerware 9395