Pneumatic Components & Equipment Products

TPC‘s provides pneumatic components and equipment cum delivers factory automation solutions, environmental pollution control systems, transportation safety, and agricultural product distribution.

  • Actuators
    Round Cylinders

    pdf-icon-1[Series ACP] Standard Type/Double Acting : Single Rod

    pdf-icon-1[Series AS] Standard Type/Double Acting, Single Acting : Single Rod

    pdf-icon-1[Series AX] Standard Type/Double Acting : Single Rod

    pdf-icon-1[Series ARD] Round Cylinder/Double Acting

    pdf-icon-1[Series UACP] Standard Type/Double Acting : Single Rod

    pdf-icon-1[Series UARD] Round Cylinder

    pdf-icon-1[Series NR] Rotary Cylinder

    Table Cylinders

    pdf-icon-1[Series NLCD] High-precision Table Cylinder

    pdf-icon-1[Series NLCS] High-precision Table Cylinder

    Stopper Cylinders

    pdf-icon-1[Series AST] Stopper Cylinder

    Grippers & Rotary Cylinders

    pdf-icon-1[Series NF] Air Chuck

    Compact Air Cylinders

    pdf-icon-1[Series AQ] Compact Cylinder/Double Acting, Single Acting Type

    pdf-icon-1[Series UAQ] Compact Cylinder/Double Acting, Single Acting Type

    pdf-icon-1[Series ADM] Direct Mount Cylinder/Standard Type: Double Acting

    Guide Cylinders

    pdf-icon-1[Series ADR] Double Rod Cylinder

    pdf-icon-1[Series AGX/GX] Guide Cylinder/Guide Unit

    pdf-icon-1[Series AG] Compact Guide Cylinder

    pdf-icon-1[Series ASL] Slide Cylinder

    pdf-icon-1[Series UAG] Compact Guide Cylinder

    Tie-Rod Cylinders

    pdf-icon-1[Series AL/ALX] Air Cylinder

    pdf-icon-1[Series AM] Air Cylinder/Double Acting

    Jig Cylinders

    pdf-icon-1[Series AJ] Clamp Cylinder/Double Acting

    Shock Absorbers

    pdf-icon-1[Series SB] Shock Absorber

  • Air Line Equipment
    air line equipment
    Combination Unit

    pdf-icon-1[Series PC] Filter, Regulator, Lubricator Combinations


    pdf-icon-1[Series PER] Precision Pressure Regulator

    pdf-icon-1[Series PR] Regulator

    Filter Regulators

    pdf-icon-1[Series PW] Filter Regulator

    Air Regulators

    pdf-icon-1[Series PF] Air Filters


    pdf-icon-1[Series PL] Lubricator

    Coalesing Filter

    pdf-icon-1[Series PFH/PFU] Coalescing Filter / 0.3μm, 0.01μm

  • Clean Room Equipment
    clean room equipment
    Standard Clean Air Cylinders

    pdf-icon-1[Series CR(CV)-AX] Clean Series Small Cylinder/Double Acting, Single Rod

    pdf-icon-1[Series CR(CV)-ARD] Clean Series Round Cylinder

    Guide Compact Cylinders

    pdf-icon-1[Series CR(CV)-AGL] Clean Series Compact Guide Cylinder

    Standard Clean Air Cylinders

    pdf-icon-1[Series CR(CV)-AQ2] Clean Series Compact Cylinder (square tube)/Double Acting, Single Rod

  • Directional Control Valves
    directional control valves
    5 Port Solenoid Valve

    pdf-icon-1[Series DS2000] Elastic Seal 5 Port Pilot Type

    pdf-icon-1[Series DS3000] 5 Port Pilot Solenoid Valve/Body Ported Type – Base Ported Type

    pdf-icon-1[Series DS5000] Rubber Seal 5 Port Pilot Type/Body Ported Type

    pdf-icon-1[Series DS6000] Elastic Seal 5 Port Pilot Type

    pdf-icon-1[Series DV1000/3000/4000] 5 Port Pilot Solenoid Valve/Body Ported Type/Base Ported Type

    3 Port Solenoid Valve

    pdf-icon-1[Series DS300] Rubber Seal 3 Port Pilot Solenoid Type

    pdf-icon-1[Series DV100] 3 Port Pilot Solenoid Valve

    2 Port Solenoid Valve

    pdf-icon-1[Series DW] 2 Port Solenoid Valve

    ISO #2 Standard Valves

    pdf-icon-1[Series DX2] ISO #2 Interface solenoid valve

    pdf-icon-1[Series DX2R] Sandwich Regulator (ISO #2)

    Mechanical Valve

    pdf-icon-1[Series DM] 3/5 Port Mechanical Valves

    3 Port Lock-Out Valve

    pdf-icon-1[Series SH2000/3000/4000/5000] 3 Way Lock Out Valve

    Air Pilot Valve

    pdf-icon-1[Series DP300/3000/5000] 3-5 Port Air Pilot Valve

    Hand Valve

    pdf-icon-1[Series DH] Hand Valve (4 way)


    pdf-icon-1[Series DT220] OR Valve (Shuttle Valve)

  • Fittings & Tubing
    fittings & tubing
    One-Touch Fittings

    pdf-icon-1[Series SQ] One-Touch Fittings

    pdf-icon-1[Series SC] Compact Fittings

    Speed Controllers

    pdf-icon-1[Series SP] Speed controller (one touch)


    pdf-icon-1[Series SN] Silencer

    Hand Valve

    pdf-icon-1[Series FSV] Hand Valves


    pdf-icon-1[Series ST] Polyurethan Tube

    Floating Joints

    pdf-icon-1[Series SF] Floating Joint

    pdf-icon-1[Series USF] Floating Joint

  • Sensors
    Digital Pressure Sensors

    pdf-icon-1[Series SPSA] Digital Pressure Sensor

    General Pressure Switches

    pdf-icon-1[Series SPS] General Purpose Pressure Switch

    Reed Switches

    pdf-icon-1[Series W3] Reed Switch Type/Tie Rod Mounted Type

    pdf-icon-1[Series W4] Reed Switch Type/Rail Mounted Type

    pdf-icon-1[Series W5] Reed Switch Type/Band Mounted Type

    pdf-icon-1[Series W13] Reed Switch Type/Rail Mounted Type

    Solid State Switches

    pdf-icon-1[Series W2] Automatic Solid State Switch/Intense-Magnetism-Resistant Type

    pdf-icon-1[Series W6/W7] Automatic Reed Switch / Intense-Magnetism-Resistant Type

    pdf-icon-1[Series W1H] Reed Switch Type/Solid State Switch Type

  • Vacum Equipment
    Compact Vacuum Ejector

    pdf-icon-1[Series EP] Slim Type Vacuum Ejector