Tower Light, Signal Light & Lamp & Switch Component

MENICS‘s offers a range of lamps, lightbulbs, switches component and accessories designed specifically for industrial applications.

  • Tower Light (LED Type)

    pdf-icon-1[PTE (Ø56mm)] LED Modular Style Steady & Flashing with Buzzer

    pdf-icon-1[PTM (Ø56mm 3 Colors in 1)] LED 3 Colors in 1 Modular Style Steady & Flashing with Buzzer

    pdf-icon-1[PTD (Ø56mm Dome Head)] Innovative LED Modular D56 Tower Light

    pdf-icon-1[PME (Ø45mm)] LED Tower Light

  • Tower Light (BUB Type)

    pdf-icon-1[MT5C/8C (Ø56/Ø86mm) ] Steady & Flashing with Buzzer – Incandescent or LED Tower Light

    pdf-icon-1[MT4B/5B/8B (Ø45/Ø56/Ø86mm)] Steady – Incandescent or LED Tower Light

  • Signal Light
    LED/Xenon Strobe Lights

    pdf-icon-1[MS86 (Ø86mm)] LED Steady & Flashing/Xenon Strobe Lights

    pdf-icon-1[MS115 (Ø115mm)] LED Signal Lights/Xenon Strobe Lights

    Bulb Revolving Lights

    pdf-icon-1[ML (Ø66mm)] Rotating/Flashing/Strobe Beacons

    pdf-icon-1[AS (Ø86mm)] Bulb Type Standard Signal Light

    pdf-icon-1[SL (Ø86mm Tower)] Multi-Stamp Type Rotating Signal Light

    pdf-icon-1[AVG (Ø135mm)] Rotating Beacons with Buzzer

    pdf-icon-1[MSGS (Melody Alarm)] Rotating Beacon Tower with Audible Alarm