Factory Automation Products

Autonics‘s sophisticated and integrated products offer more advanced and productive solutions through its world class quality and reliability to satisfy its customers around the world. Autonics sensors & controllers are the invisible hand for more convenient world.

  • Area Sensor
    Area Sensor

    pdf-icon-1[BW Series] Area Sensor with Long Sensing Distance

    pdf-icon-1[BWP Series] Area Sensor with Plastic Case

    pdf-icon-1[BWPK Series] Picking Sensor

  • Communication Converter
    RS232C to RS485 Converter

    pdf-icon-1[SCM-381 Series] Serial Converter Module (RS232C↔RS485 convertable)

    USB to Serial Converter

    pdf-icon-1[SCM-US/SCM-US481 Series] Serial Communication converter/Module (USB↔Serial)

  • Counters
    LCD Counter

    pdf-icon-1[LA8N Series] Compact & internal battery type 8 digit LCD Counter

    Multifunction Counter/Timer

    pdf-icon-1[CTY/CTS/CT Series] Programmable counter/timers

    Up/Down Counter/Timer

    pdf-icon-1[FXY Series] DIN W72×H36mm of Counter/Timer with indication only

    pdf-icon-1[FXS Series] DIN W48×H48mm, Preset Counter/Timer

    pdf-icon-1[FX/FXH/FXL Series] DIN W72×H72, W48×H96, W144×H72mm Counter/Timer


    pdf-icon-1[FS Series] DIN W48×H48mm 8Pin plug Counter

    pdf-icon-1[F/L Series] DIN W72×H72, W144×H72mm of 8 Digit Up/Down counter

    pdf-icon-1[FM/LM Series] DIN W72×H72, W144×H72mm of Up/Down/Up & Down measure counter

  • Digital Panel Meter
    Scaling Meter

    pdf-icon-1[M4NS/M4YS Series] DIN W48×H24mm, W72×H36mm Loop powered digital scaling meter

    Multi Panel Meter

    pdf-icon-1[MT4N Series] DIN W48×H24mm Small size digital multi panel meter

    pdf-icon-1[MT4Y/MT4W Series] DIN W72×H36mm, W96×H48mm, digital multi panel meter

    Panel Meter

    pdf-icon-1[M4N Series] DIN W48×H24mm Small size digital panel meter

    pdf-icon-1[M4Y/M4W/M5W/M4M/M4W-P Series] Digital panel meter

    pdf-icon-1[M4V Series] W75×H25mm Digital graphic panel meter for mosaic panel

  • Digital Remote

    pdf-icon-1[ARD Series] The most cost effective & advanced DeviceNet based digital remote I/O

  • Display Unit
    7 Segment

    pdf-icon-1[D1SA Series] 7 Segment Display Unit

    pdf-icon-1[D1SC Series] 7 Segment Display Unit

    16 Segment

    pdf-icon-1[D1AA Series] 16 Segment Display Unit

    Panel Mounting

    pdf-icon-1[D5Y/D5W Series] Display unit Indication type only

  • Door Sensor
    Door Sensor

    pdf-icon-1[ADS-A Series] Auto Door Sensor

    pdf-icon-1[ADS-SE Series] Door Side Sensor

  • Drivers
    Stepping Motors and Drivers/Motion Control
    5 Phase

    pdf-icon-1[MD5-ND14 Series] 5-Phase Stepper Motor Driver

    pdf-icon-1[MD5-HD14-2X/3X Series] Multi-axis 5-phase Micro Stepper Motor Drivers

    Motion Controller

    pdf-icon-1[PMC-HS Series] 1,2 Axis high speed programmable motion controller

    pdf-icon-1[PMC-2HSP Series] 2-Axis High Speed Interpolation Controllers

    2 Phase

    pdf-icon-1[MD2U Series] 2-Phase Stepping Motor Driver


    pdf-icon-1[PMC-4B-PCI Series] 4- Axis board type programmable motion controller

    pdf-icon-1[PMC-2B-ISA Series] 2-Axisboard type programmable motion controller

  • Fiber Optic Sensor
    Amplifier Digital

    pdf-icon-1[BF5 Series]High Speed & High Resolution Digital Fiber Optic Amplifier

    Amplifier High Function

    pdf-icon-1[BF4 Series] Highly Reliable & Easy-to-Install Fiber Optic Amplifiers

    Amplifier General Purpose

    pdf-icon-1[BF3R Series] High Accuracy Fiber Optic Amplifier with Twin Adjusting Dials

    Fiber Optic Cable

    pdf-icon-1[FD/FT/GD/GT Series] Top/Side/Flat/Top-Side View Modes for Various Sensing Directions

  • Graphic Panel
    Graphic Panel

    pdf-icon-1[GP-S044 Series] 38mm Slim design, touch screen, and better reliability Graphic panel

    pdf-icon-1[GP-S057 Series] Graphic Touch Panels

    pdf-icon-1[GP-S070 Series] Graphic Touch Panels

    Logic Panel

    pdf-icon-1[LP-S044 Series] Highly economical solution for PLC function incorporated touch screen

    pdf-icon-1[LP-S070 Series] Highly economical solution for PLC function incorporated touch screen

  • I/O Terminal Block

    pdf-icon-1[ABS Series] Optimized solution to operate diverse loads using PLC output signals

    pdf-icon-1[ACS Series] No jumper bars required due to built-in PCB common

    pdf-icon-1[AFE Series] Easy wiring works using sensor connectors (CNE Series)

    pdf-icon-1[AFS Series] Ideal for connector type PLC and dedicated controllers

    pdf-icon-1[CJ Series] Connector transmission cable CJ Series with various product line-ups and high compatibility

  • Photoelectric Sensor
    Micro Photoelectric Sensor

    pdf-icon-1[BS5 Series] New Cable Type Sensors Added to Line-Up for Wider User Options

    Amplifier Built-in

    pdf-icon-1[BPS Series] Slim Photoelectric Sensor for Long Sensing Distance

    pdf-icon-1[BA2M Series] Small, diffuse reflective type with long sensing distance

    pdf-icon-1[BJ Series] Compact and Long Distance Sensing Type Photoelectric Sensor

    pdf-icon-1[BY Series] Small Emitter/Receiver Synchronizing Type

    pdf-icon-1[BYD Series] Small Diffuse Reflective and Convergent Reflective Type Photoelectric Sensor


    pdf-icon-1[BR Series] Cylindrical photoelectric sensors

    Power Supply Built-in

    pdf-icon-1[BEN Series] Compact, Universal Voltage Type with Built-in Amplifier

    pdf-icon-1[BX Series] Terminal Type Photoelectric Sensor for Long Distance

    Small & Common

    pdf-icon-1[BM Series] Small and Light, Common Type Photoelectric Sensor

    pdf-icon-1[BMS Series] High Speed Response Type with Built-in Output Protection Circuit


    pdf-icon-1[BUP Series] Reinforced Plastic Case U-Shaped Type Photoelectric Sensor

  • Power Controller

    pdf-icon-1[SPC1 Series] Power Controller

  • Pressure Sensor
    Pressure Sensor

    pdf-icon-1[PSAN Series] Connector type digital pressure sensors

    pdf-icon-1[PSA/PSB Series] Small size, High accuracy pressure control digital pressure sensor

  • Proximity Sensor
    Long Distance

    pdf-icon-1[PRD/PRDW Series] Long Distance Sensing Proximity Sensors


    pdf-icon-1[PRCM Series] Cylindrical Connector Type Proximity Sensor

    pdf-icon-1[PS/PSN Series] Rectangular Type Proximity Sensor

    pdf-icon-1[PFI Series] Flat Type Proximity Sensor

    pdf-icon-1[AS Series] Long Sensing Distance Type Proximity Sensor

    pdf-icon-1[PT Series] Junction Box


    pdf-icon-1[PR Series] Cylindrical Type Proximity Sensor

    pdf-icon-1[PRA Series] Spatter-resistant Type Proximity Sensor

    pdf-icon-1[PRW Series] Cylindrical Cable Outgoing Connector Type Proximity Sensor

    pdf-icon-1[CR Series] Electric Capacitive Type Proximity Sensor

    pdf-icon-1[PET18-5 Series]Transmission Coupler

  • Rotary Encoders
    Incremental Encoder

    pdf-icon-1[E20 Series] Diameter Ø20mm Shaft type/Hollow shaft built-in type Incremental Rotary encoder

    pdf-icon-1[E30S Series] Diameter Ø30mm Shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder

    pdf-icon-1[E40 Series] Diameter Ø40mm Shaft type/Hollow type/Built-in type Incremental Rotary encoder

    pdf-icon-1[E50S Series] Diameter Ø50mm Shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder

    pdf-icon-1[E58 Series] Diameter Ø58mm Shaft type/Hollow type/Built-in type Incremental Rotary encoder

    pdf-icon-1[E60H Series] Diameter Ø60mm Hollow shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder

    pdf-icon-1[E68S Series] Diameter Ø68mm Shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder

    pdf-icon-1[E80H Series] Diameter Ø80mm Hollow shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder

    pdf-icon-1[E100H Series] Diameter Ø100mm Hollow shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder

    pdf-icon-1[ENA Series] Side-mounting Shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder

    pdf-icon-1[ENC Series] Incremental measuring wheel type Rotary encoder

    pdf-icon-1[ENH Series] Incremental manual handle type Rotary encoder

    Absolute Encoder

    pdf-icon-1[EP50S Series] Diameter Ø50mm Shaft type Absolute Rotary encoder

    pdf-icon-1[EP58 Series] Diameter Ø58mm Shaft/Hollow Built-in type Absolute Rotary encoder

    pdf-icon-1[ENP Series] Diameter Ø60mm Shaft type Absolute Rotary encoder

    Connector Cable

    pdf-icon-1[CID Series] Encoder Connector Cable/General Connector Cable

  • Sensor Controller
    Sensor Controller

    pdf-icon-1[PA10 Series] Multifunctional sensor controller

    pdf-icon-1[PA-12 Series] Sensor controller

  • Solid State Relay
    Solid State Relay

    pdf-icon-1[SRH1 Series] High reliable SSR with 4,000VAC dielectric strength

  • Stepping Motors

    pdf-icon-1[AK Series] Reliable & Economical : High Accuracy, High speed & High Torque

    pdf-icon-1[AK-B Series] 60mm Brake built-in type 5 – Phase Stepper Motor

    pdf-icon-1[AK-G Series] Geared type 5 – Phase Stepper Motor

    pdf-icon-1[AK-GB Series] Geared + Brake built-in type 5 – Phase Stepper Motor

    pdf-icon-1[AK-R Series] Rotary Actuator Type 5-Phase Stepper Motor

    pdf-icon-1[AK-RB Series] Rotary Actuator + Brake built-in type 5-Phase Stepper Motor


    pdf-icon-1[AHK Series] 42mm/60mm/85mm Hollow shaft type 5 – Phase Stepper motor

  • Switching Power Supply

    pdf-icon-1[SP Series] DIN rail mounting type Switching Power Supply

    pdf-icon-1[SPA Series] Switching Power Supply with minimized noise and ripple

  • Tacho/Speed/Pulse Meter
    LCD Pulse Meter

    pdf-icon-1[LR5N-B Series] DIN W48×H24mm, Indication only, LCD Pulse Meter (RPM,RPS,Hz)

    Tacho/Speed/Pulse Meter

    pdf-icon-1[MP5S/MP5Y/MP5W/MP5M Series] Pulse(Rate) Meter

  • Temperature Controller
    PID Controller

    pdf-icon-1[TK Series] Standard PID temperature controller

    pdf-icon-1[TZN/TZ Series] Dual PID auto tuning controller

    pdf-icon-1[TC Series] Economical PID temperature controllers

    pdf-icon-1[TD Series] Digital Switch PID temperature controller

    Multi-Channel Modular Type

    pdf-icon-1[TM Series] Multi-channel modular type temperature controller

    Indication Only

    pdf-icon-1[T3NI/T4YI/TAWI/T3SI/T3HI/T4MI/T4LI Series] Indication type only, various sizes

    pdf-icon-1[T4WM Series] Automatic switching function of 5 point temperature indication

    Freezing/Defrost Type

    pdf-icon-1[TC3YF Series] DIN W72×H36mm Freezing/Defrost Temperature controller

    pdf-icon-1[TC3YT Series] DIN W72×H36mm Simple operation type of Temperature controller

    Temperature/Humidity Tranducer

    pdf-icon-1[THD Series] Indoor, Duct & Wall mounting type Temperature/Humidity transducer

    Standard Type

    pdf-icon-1[T3S/T3H/T$M/T4L Series] Digital switch setting type, temperature controller

    pdf-icon-1[T3HA/T3HS/T4MA/T4LA Series] ALARM, SUB output type

    pdf-icon-1[T4LP Series] Dual setting type, High accuracy temperature controller

    Analog Type

    pdf-icon-1[TOS/TOM/TOL Series] Analog and Non-indicating type, Set temperature by dial

    Board Type

    pdf-icon-1[TB42 Series] Board type Temperature controller

  • Timers
    LCD Timer

    pdf-icon-1[LE8N Series] Compact & internal battery type 8 digit LCD Timer

    Weekly Timer

    pdf-icon-1[LE7M-2 Series] W72×H72mm, Weekly/Yearly Timer

    Analog Timer

    pdf-icon-1[AT8SDN Series] DIN W48×H48mm Star-Delta Timer

    pdf-icon-1[AT8PSN/AT8PMN Series] DIN W48×H48mm Solid-State, Power OFF Delay TIMER

    pdf-icon-1[ATE Series] DIN W48×H48mm Solid State ON Delay Timer

    Digital Timer

    pdf-icon-1[LE3S Series] DIN W48×H48mm Digital LCD Timer

    pdf-icon-1[LE4S Series] DIN W48×H48mm Digital backlight LCD Timer

    pdf-icon-1[FSE Series] DIN W48×H48mm Digital timer

    Analog Multi Range Timer

    pdf-icon-1[ATN Series]DIN W48×H48mm, Universal voltage Multi-function Timer